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Acknowledging the increasing demand for battery operated vehicles and equipments in different industries, “ELECTRIE” has come up with the vision to provide high-end solutions that would satisfy industrial and customer needs in the best way.

Battery operated vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because of their varied uses across industries. Golf cars are no longer intended only for golf courses, as they have become increasingly useful in industries, resorts, trade shows, government houses, hospitals, farm houses, to name a few of its many applications. By being battery operated, they are very lucrative in terms of maintenance and running cost.

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We at ELECTRIE have emerged with a simple vision – to provide high-end Electric Vehciles which would meet the increasing demand of industries and customers in the best possible way.

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With its profoundly innovative and unique battery operated vehicles, ELECTRIE creates a niche for itself in the industry. With its top notch vehicles, your driving experience will change like never before.

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ELECTRIE is open to all who wish to experience the pleasure of driving something new. You can contact us and experience an all new range of battery operated vehicles, which are marked by innovation.

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ELECTRIE believes in providing solutions that fulfil desires. The unique vehicles are developed and offered with the aim to provide the most pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable experience.


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ELECTRIE blends innovative technologies and professional talent in manufacturing ace battery driven vehicles with copious applications. Its technology is excellent and unqiue which is seen in their vehicles.


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By believing in the vision to turn the impossible into possible, ELECTRIE creates a niche for itself and becomes the inimitable automobile company of the present era. By bringing innovation, talent and expertise, ELECTRIE creates a competitive advantage for itself in the market.


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ELECTRIE believes in capturing a prominent position in the market by focusing on perfecting performance of its vehicles. Cost-effective, comforting, mileage-providing, and favourable specification vehicles of ELECTRIE, gives it an unprecedented status in the industry.


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What are our Hours of Operation?

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Avg. Running time

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Avg. charge time

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Customer Satisfaction

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Avg. Battery life

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